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4 Reasons Why Athletes Prefer Titleist Equipment

Why do athletes prefer Titleist as their equipment? Some of them may not even know the interesting facts about how the Titleist brand came to be. The founder, Phil Young, found the golf ball at fault at one of his games and real enough, the ball’s core was off-center when x-rayed by his friend and golf opponent. This discovery started and fueled the inspiration to create the highest quality and best performing ball in the world, the Titleist. At present, the Titleist brand not only carries golf balls but other golf paraphernalia such as clubs and gear as well. Read on for more reasons why athletes choose the Titleist equipment.

Titleist Equipment

1. Ensures great product quality
Golf, being a sport of precision and accuracy, was the focus of the makers of the Titleist golf ball. Three years were painstakingly dedicated to perfect the first Titleist golf ball before being introduced to club professionals and golfers as the best ball there is. And to make sure that the Titleist golf ball has the best quality, every Titleist golf ball is x-rayed as part of its process check which is still in practice today. The Titleist golf ball has gone a long way and is again making golf professionals and enthusiasts proud with the improvements done by current Titleist R&D as reflected in recent golf tournaments.

2. A unique distribution policy
Most golf equipment was sold through department stores or sports shops. But the makers of the Titleist golf ball made sure that only golf professionals who can discern the superior quality of a golf ball should take hold of the Titleist golf ball. To further confirm the excellent performance of the Titleist golf ball, a golf ball Demonstration Machine was brought to the most prestigious golf courses which validated its superior performance. This unique distribution policy made them the leading and go-to brand of the golf professionals.

3. Applied the “most played” strategy
The Titleist also wanted to make sure that their golf ball will be used by most of the best players in tournaments such as PGA Tour or the US Open. They believe that if most of the best players trust the golf ball for their livelihood, then that must be the best golf ball. Up to this day, not only golf professionals put their trust in the Titleist brand but also the amateurs as well.

The past 30 years and beyond shows that Titleist brand is still the strongest preference by the majority of the professional players not only in the US but other countries such as Japan, England, and Australia. Titleist has also earned its reputation as a respected and popular golf brand with players such as Adam Scott, Bill Haas, and Tiger Woods to name a few who had been under its helm.

4. Consistency in performance
The name Titleist was derived from the word titlist meaning title holder. And up to the present, the brand is still living up to its name. From the time it has been painstakingly created, the Titleist golf ball has been consistent in its high-quality performance based on testimonies of professional players and novices alike. The Titleist brand now also carries other golf gears and accessories such as clubs, club gloves and duffel bags expected to have the same prime quality.

What’s in a name? Titleist is not only very aptly named but is living it to the core. When the name and performance match as excellent – that is Titleist.

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