5 Sports You Should Try If You Are Over 60

Living an active life is one of the recommended ways of living a healthy life. Engaging in sports from a young age is always beneficial to the body. However, as one ages, the kind of sport that one engages in changes from the more vigorous sports that are played throughout one’s youth to the less vigorous sports of the senior age. Remaining active in your 60’s helps you stay more youthful and help prevent some of the common health issues related to old age.  There are many sports for seniors that one can engage in and here are some of the sports which are worth doing.

sports for seniors

  1.      Swimming

Swimming is one of the best sport which you can engage in if you are over 60 years and more especially if you enjoy being in the water. The good thing about swimming when you are over 60 years is that it is not strenuous and you can only apply the energy as you need. Swimming is highly recommended because it’s a cardiovascular exercise which can get the heart and increase the strength of the lungs and the entire body. Swimming can help the body metabolism and keep you much fitter as it targets almost every part of the body.

  1.      Cycling

Cycling is another highly recommended kind of exercise for the people who are above 60 years. This is because just like swimming it’s not strenuous and one can apply energy as per needed basis. Cycling is cardiovascular exercises which can get the body pumping plus it helps in burning calories. The other advantage of taking cycling as a sport for someone over 60 plus one intensity can be gradually increased for a more comprehensive exercise.

  1.      Golf

Playing golf is one of the popular sports for most men and women who are over 60 going all the way to 80 years. The reason as to why this sport is recommended is because it’s a low impact sport and it keeps one fit. Moving from one hole to another and swinging the golf club is the easiest form of exercise that one can do without feeling pressured. The environment that golf is played in is also very relaxing which can be an added advantage.

  1.      Bowling

Bowling is a very enjoyable kind of sport that senior citizen can enjoy and at the same keep their bodies active. Bowling can be done by people of all ages but it’s beneficial for those who are over 60 years since it’s a low key activity which can help keep them fit.

  1.      Badminton

Badminton is a sport which calls for skills but it’s an easy sport to learn especially for the seniors who most of them have a lot of time on their hands. There are many clubs and sports arena which facilitates badminton for seniors who are looking to be active. The benefit of playing badminton is that its low key cardiovascular activities which target the whole body. Badminton can help reduce calories and get your heart pumping in minutes.


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