Top 5 Apps every Student should use in 2020

Top 5 Apps every Student should use in 2020 Download

If you’re a high school or college student, you need the right applications to help you boost productivity. Make sure that you find out which apps will help you complete your tasks faster. 

You also need organizing applications that help you know what to do next once you finish the task at hand. There are so many academic responsibilities, you need to take care of, and you can only do so if you have the right tools by your side.

Learning today is much easier because there are so many educational resources that help with the heavy lifting. There are even websites where you can buy assignments if you don’t have enough time to complete a paper on time. 

Here are 5 applications wthat will bring everything you need closer to you.

  • Any Do 

This is a very popular to-do list app because it delivers. As a college student, you can use it to create a list of everything you need to complete within a day.

This top-rated application comes in handy when you have a lot of work to complete within a short while. As you know, it is quite normal to forget one or two things when you have a lot on your plate.

This app saves you from needing to remember every other thing. All you need to do is write a task down as soon as you get it. 

The beauty of this application is that it keeps you on your toes. When you can see everything that you need to do, you’ll see the need expedite.

  • Microsoft Office Lens 

At number two is Microsoft Office Lens and as you know, anything Microsoft puts its hands on turns to gold. This is a wholesome application for college students as well as working citizens. Microsoft Lens you with scanning documents, whiteboards, receipts and images. Any paperwork that you need to store digitally, you can easily scan with this application. 

The best part I that the application allows you to convert all scanned documents to pdf. This way, you won’t easily lose them. If you’re always losing your notes, you can scan and store them in pdf form so you can always refer to your notes in the future.

  • Study Blue 

Everyone needs a study companion who keeps them accountable. Even if you have the zeal to succeed, studying is not an easy task. There will always be days when you don’t feel like studying. 

This is where Study Blue comes in. It is an online platform that helps students study even when they don’t feel like it. The platform allows you to create digital flashcards to help you memorize different concepts.

Study Blue also comes with a website where you can access all the study material you need. This platforms ensures that you enjoy a seamless studying experience.


If you don’t already have Evernote, you’re missing out on a lot. This is a note-taking application that brings so much to the table. To begin with, it allows you to synchronize your phone with your PC. This way, you can easily transfer notes you made on your phone to your computer. 

Secondly, Evernote allows you to take notes in form of audio and video files. This is excellent because there are times when you just don’t feel like typing. All you have to do is speak into your phone’s microphone, and the application will save that audio file. 

Top 5 Apps every Student should use


  • Babylon 


Weird name right? Well, Babylon is an application that helps you with language translation. You can translate more than 70 languages without losing the original meaning of the sentence or phrase. 

Babylon comes in handy for students who are studying abroad because sometimes you just don’t get what a person is saying. This is a handy tool because it ensures you get the knowledge you need to excel even if it’s in another language.

  • Conclusion 

Well, now you have no excuse for not being as productive as you’d wish. Get these apps and see how much better your academic performance will get. 


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